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2 tone wing embroidery denim cap

2 tone wing embroidery denim cap

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A denim cap with feather embroidery in two colors: white and silver gray.

It's a little hard to tell from the product photo, but (the one below is an embroidered BD shirt )

2 color feather embroidery
Embroidery is like this, The wings are finely sculpted, giving it a three-dimensional appearance.
(The inner feathers on the cap are embroidered with white and the outer feathers are gray.)
This is an image of a cap made by an Italian brand that includes elements of Classico, with a suit-style feel.
Casual brands use embroidery thread colors such as red or orange, but the color scheme is deliberately muted to make it less noticeable, creating items that are easy for adult men to pick up and feel familiar to them. .
But if you're an Italian guy, you might end up looking too fashionable, so even if you're a Latin guy, you might call it the stubble-like look of French guys.
For example, Jean-Hugues Argrant in "Betty Blue"
Jean Reno from "Granblue"
It's an image.
I feel like I don't pick up brands that don't give the impression that they care about fashion and have logos that are easily recognizable at a glance (I would be happy if that were the case), but I feel like I don't pick up brands that don't give the impression that they care about fashion, such as Beckham-Belstaff. On the contrary, he puts his crumpled hat in his back pocket and casually puts it back on, making it look pitifully shabby.The cap, which matches the blue scenery of a seaside town in southern France, has a sexy appeal to both men and women. It's an item that people would wear.
The flashy damage makes her look artificially youthful, so it's unnecessary. It's an item that you can go out with very roughly, and it will become familiar to you.

  • This product is delivered by on-demand production. All products are manufactured to order after receiving them, which results in less waste than traditional manufacturing methods.
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  • Please refer to the FAQ below for return and exchange policies for on-demand products.

  • Washed denim
  • Size can be adjusted with the adjuster on the back
Material: 100% Cotton
Front height (cm) 15.5
Brim (cm) 7.0
Brim width (cm) twenty one
Head circumference (cm) 56.0~66.0

Product size (cm)

One size fits all: Unisex. Adjustable with back strap.

Regarding product handling

If necessary, the embroidered cap/hat can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Please refrain from using brushes.

When washing, please take measures to prevent the item from losing its shape and protect the embroidery (such as placing it in a net).

Regarding materials

100% cotton

Country of origin and country of shipment

All embroidery processes are done in Japan and shipped from Japan.

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