About Us

There were times when I chased after new fashions and trends. But there are more essential clothes. Like a motorcycle that has become an indispensable companion now.

+++from the representative+++
The novel "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac is said to have influenced many cultures after World War II. Both Dylan and Bowie are listed as favorite books.

It's a strange book. There is no plot-like fun that I would recommend. But I can't leave

It's written about "move". From context, cool fashion pops up.It's text, not pictures or videos, so it's completely my imagination, but there, hobos are wearing authentic workwear and military items in their own way.
There are some prints and embroidery in strange places.
It's not about fashion, it's the clothes that the person wears that are cool, even if they're twisted or worn out.

On the road, again.

I've done a lot of different things in the fashion world. I bought (clothes), made them, wrote about them, photographed them, taught them at college... I traveled around the world trying to find something.

For a long time, the car was my companion. I have even traveled overseas to see Senna drive in an F1 race. It wasn't until much later that I got on the motorcycle.

With a 4-stroke twin engine in between my legs, the time when I went into the wind,I thought, "Here is what I was chasing all over the world."
At the same time, I thought, "Yes, but no."
Yes, clothes for riding a motorcycle.

Naturally, the function of protecting oneself, such as leather and protectors, is the most important thing, but to be honest, there weren't many clothes that I wanted to wear. When I ride a motorcycle, People can see my whole styling more than when I ride a cool sports car.

I didn't have a clear idea of ​​what it would look like (if that's the case, I should just buy it).

While saying, "Keanu and River from My Private Idaho are gods after all."

With the support of people with hearts, I passed the examination of the National Chamber of Commerce and received support, made a sample, and put it in the store.
Every day, I talk to people who have come to the fitting room surrounded by Rolling Stones posters, saying that this is cool and that is cool.

Unlike traditional fashion and apparel, where someone has already made something cool and passed it on from top to bottom, what we create changes through communication with people. It goes without saying that the person who wears it is the main character.

If you just chase, there are some things you can't catch up with, I think anyone who rides a motorcycle and joins the wind knows that.
I think it was Mr. Yoshio Kataoka who wrote, " Motorcycles are like great teachers, " and I totally agree. Rather than admonish me, I feel something like the thought of a wise man who enlightens me.
If clothes can become such an existence, even if they are not great teachers, they will be with us for a long time, feel various things (together), and take us somewhere. It would be nice if I could wear like that clothing essential to life while riding a motorcycle, really.

When We opened this site in February 2022, I was surprised to find that nearly half of the people watching it were overseas. Most of them were Americans, but some people in Ukraine were watching.

This is, About Us. Even if we're not together, even if we're not facing the same direction, I want to feel like I'm running in the wind with our clothes.

My friend, ” sings Bob Dylan who had driven a Triumph. " The answer is in the wind ."

Peace, peace anyway.