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motorbike and clothes

That feeling of running in the wind,
I want to feel it in my clothes. ++ About Us ++

Special feature: Hoodie

Uses various speed addicted icons.
For safety when riding, consideration has also been given to visibility.

  • 国立スタジオ+ 店内

    Real shop

    Kunitachi Studio+

    2-6-28 Fujimidai, Kunitachi, Tokyo
    (Wednesdays: closed)

    * Logo: Trademark No. 6621125

  • 1+1 Shopping ロゴ

    Brand mission (1+1=?)

    Clothes that make you feel the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle.
    When I ride a motorcycle, I'm not good at wearing clothes that are too serious. Of course, functionality and safety are important, but the clothes are moderately relaxed and comfortable to wear in the city.
    Clothes that can be worn for a long time like companions who live together, rather than throwing them away as trends change.
    Clothing that can be customized to your liking, such as by remaking it or adding embroidery or printing where you want it later.

    * Logo: Trademark No. 6524317

    About us 
  • バイク柄 インターシャ カシミア・ニット


    Factories with high technology in Japan and overseas are involved in the production of original items.
    For example, intarsia cashmere knits are known by L. Pellafinet, but there are factories in Japan that possess this rare technology.
    We offer our original motorcycle pattern knit as a made-to-order item in the color specified by the customer.
    *Since it is a high-priced product with a price of 100,000 yen or more, we will first have a meeting at the store.
    The store also offers a variety of other proposals, including customization.

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Custom/ordered knitwear - background of manufacturing