Made-to-order knit made with rare techniques - cashmere intarsia

Cashmere knits are considered special among knits.

To put it simply, the quality is famous for the yarn produced in Scotland, from the pin to the end, but the highest quality knit is probably the Italian Ballantine cashmere, commonly known as Ballantine cashmere, and I have one myself. I have one, and it's unparalleled in terms of texture, comfort, and durability.

When I was planning apparel , a senior colleague taught me that knitting allows you to expand your imagination infinitely in terms of how you express the knitted fabric.
This is different from fabric products, where colors and patterns are limited to existing fabrics unless an original fabric is custom-made.

Special technology called intarsia

There is a special technique called intarsia that allows you to add designs to colored patterned knits, if not completely freely, but with a greatly expanded image.
Although it has large patterns, it is much thinner (thus lighter and softer) than jacquard, and is known for its excellent color reproduction.
Famous knits using intarsia include Pringle from England with its argyle pattern, and Ballantine from Italy using cashmere as mentioned above.

argyle knit
Pringle of Scotland 100% merino wool from
Fernando Alonso joins Ferrari, parade

Fernando Alonso was F1 champion when he joined Ferrari. Just a guess, but I think the knitwear was probably chosen with Ballantine Cashmere, Italy, and Ferrari colors in mind.

Now, even though I say that you can put any design you want, for example, if you put a design of an animal such as a dog or cat, it will inevitably look like an old man, old man, golfer, and it will be expensive, so you should not create something with tentacles extending. It wasn't.

Introducing the “Cashmere Magician”

As many of you may know, with the appearance of Lucien Pellat-finet, who is hailed as the ``Cashmere Magician,'' pop designs have been placed on Scottish cashmere knits. .
It's no wonder that it has attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts around the world, especially those who have an eye for difficult-to-make items and rare items, as well as experts.

Imagination is limitless, and as shown in the photo above, designs consisting of a single color or a few colors are now possible even with less expensive products.

Lucien Perafine Intarsia Wagenbus pattern 100% cashmere knit ¥495,000

DiorAlps sweater ¥460,000

However, if you use multiple colors, the price will skyrocket.
I can't help it if it's a maison brand like Dior, but I've looked around for cashmere intarsia knits in fine colors, and ones that don't look like old man golf, but at a reasonable price. is not found.
In the first place, there don't seem to be many types of things.

Why is multicolor so expensive?

As usual, I tried to find the answer through experience instead of thinking about it.
Would it be possible for you to make custom-made samples at your store to take orders from customers?
Of course, at the Japanese factory.
First of all, I wonder if there is a place that would take on such a task.The graphics that we would like to knit have detailed patterns and many colors.
When I looked at the market, it was something that I didn't see anywhere else.

Try making your own samples - knits filled with human creativity

It was difficult, but I found a place that could build one.
And the answer was easy to find (see the video below).

It was a tremendous amount of work.
As someone who requested it, I know it's not fair to say this, but I felt that the word "daunting" was perfect.
I felt my body tighten.
I'm not sure if this is an appropriate analogy, but it seems natural that professional baseball players like to buy Perafine's cashmere intarsia knits.

I believe that there is a special meaning in the things that you buy and wear when you are winning against fierce competition and are shining at the top of the class.

In our stores, we frame and display our products as a sign of our commitment to them as a symbolic product.

Vintage bike/intarsia/cashmere knit
Kunitachi Studio+

Surprised by the quality of the sample

The product price is 165,000 yen, which would be outrageous if the highest quality cashmere yarn was used, so I took this into consideration, but when making samples, I gave them Ballantine cashmere knits and used them as a reference for the quality. I got it.
It's the world's best knitwear, but when it comes to intarsia, I thought it had reached, or even surpassed, the world level (I'm just talking about this, but as a compliment to the craftsmen).

Vintage bike/intarsia/cashmere knit
Removed from frame and pinned

Seasonless, unaffected by trends

Cashmere knits are no longer just for fall and winter.
Even in places like Hawaii, I find myself longing for cashmere knits on chilly nights, and I want to wear them as a lap blanket when going to highly air-conditioned stores or on airplanes.
In addition, a good knit that is timeless is resistant to wear and tear, and even if it breaks partially, it can be repaired.
The factory assures us that we will accept any alterations made by our customers (of course, the finished product will be different if the threads and machines used during production or if the craftsmen make alterations).
However, there is a condition: ``If we continue until then.''
During the time that I have been working (over two centuries and two eras), many things have happened in the apparel industry, one of which is that ``the industry has been lost domestically.'' There is also ``improper technology (production background)''.

You can choose the color of the body (base) from this many colors.
*There may be slight changes depending on the season.

At our store, we make knitwear made to order for our customers.
We will discuss in detail with you so that you can choose a base color from a wide variety of colors, and the body size is not based on SML or other standards, but that you can wear it at the exact size of your preference.
The thread used for knitting is no pun intended, but if you don't put too much money into it, it is possible to use higher quality cashmere.

Clothes that will last a lifetime and the future of vintage

This is because cashmere knits, which are not affected by trends or seasons, can be worn casually like a printed T-shirt if they are intarsia, but the brightness of the pattern and quality are resistant to deterioration (repairs (possible), it is truly a living thing, and due to the difficulty of production and rarity, there is a possibility that it will become a vintage item in the future.

Clothes that arrive quickly and quickly

I'm not talking about the baseball player above and Perafine's knitwear, but I thought about it when I had the opportunity to see someone off at a funeral.
You put your favorite clothes inside the coffin.
In my case, a leather jacket? No, it might not burn.
Clothes you want to wear even in the afterlife. I don't know what kind of weather it's going to be in, whether it's cold or hot, and I like this knit with a bike sign.
Please don't say it's not a good omen.
People may think this when they are working hard and there is not the slightest sign of health problems.
Do your best to make your own soon.
Be quick, otherwise you might not make it in time.

It's like the composition of a punch, or the pattern of a cloth dress.

When the samples arrived, I was given this picture along with them.
Does that mean "it can be made at other factories"?

We look forward to hearing from you.
However, please forgive me if it turns out that I can't make it anymore.
This is not uncommon in apparel.

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