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``MOTO'' is sometimes referred to as a motorcycle.
If you were to use it as a jazz musician's password, like COOL or DIG.
``MOTO feeling'' - A feeling of speed and exhilaration that retains original parts of its structure, and therefore the feeling of being able to ride a rough-hewn vehicle - It may be similar to driving a sports car.
Now, I would like to discuss what comes to mind as "MOTO clothes".

Vettel's style

Sebastian Vettel, the man who reached the pinnacle of four-wheel F1 racing, has been photographed riding a vintage motorcycle.

Sebastian Vettel, 2010-13, F1 World Champion
The Red Bulletin November 2013 - KW Read The Red Bulletin November 2013 - KW by Red Bull Media Ho issuu.com

The way she wraps her scarf is so stylish, and even though she's wearing a rider's jacket and hard boots, she still has a delicate feel.

It was eye-opening to read the article linked above, but the man who drove the fastest car in the world once said that riding a motorcycle was a sexy act.

riding a bike is sexy

Riding a bike is no longer as sexy as it used to be. (snip)
Visually, I prefer the older model. It's beautiful anyway. I can imagine how it works. Cars have a lot of things attached to them. That's why bikes are so interesting. It's interesting just to look at the technology of the engine, transmission system, and gearbox.

Vettel talks about his passion for motorcycles: ``You can enjoy the freedom that you can't get with a car.''

I see, his styling is so impressive that it may be because he knows the sexiness of MOTO and knows how to play with speed, just like Don Juan who knows the secrets of the opposite sex. .
The man who was loved more than anyone else by the goddess of speed, however, never attacked a curve until his knees touched the asphalt. There is nothing sexy about a four-time world champion, known as the ``Bambino,'' who is known for putting himself in great danger.

"You can put it right in front of you and enjoy looking at it, like a picture on the wall. But there are also really beautiful naked ones, and you can see the mechanics better that way. That's what makes old bikes so interesting. They move. You can feel the mechanism and structure with your own skin. You can clearly visualize the process..."
Watching Vettel work with older cars shows that he has more than just ability, he has a keen sensitivity to technology. You can live it, understand it, and communicate with it.

Vettel talks about his passion for motorcycles: ``You can enjoy the freedom that you can't get with a car.''

Are biker clothes sexy?

Yes, the density of communication determines whether an action is sexy or not. Those who understand the sexiness of MOTO don't neglect the clothes they wear when riding it and becoming one with the wind.
Rather, I think it ends up being a picture of a couple that people look at with envy.

What is MOTO clothes?

MOTO clothes are of course clothes for riding a bike, but even when you're not riding, looking at the bike next to you, or even when you're somewhere else, you can still feel the MOTO feeling while riding. I think it's clothes.
In that sense, I find it more appealing to have a styling that retains a touch of elegance, rather than being completely focused on functionality.
Like Vettel's scarf in the photo above, there is an element of decoration within the function.
Of course, we want to ensure maximum safety, and if it's a long tour, we also consider weather resistance, but that's not all.

In extreme terms, wearing a frilled blouse underneath a rider's jacket seems very attractive (like the R Stones of old).

jumping jack flash

A windy style decorated with frills and bow ties. I would like to introduce new experiments here in the future, but what I am currently focusing on is embroidery, where the technology is rapidly evolving.

embroidery and bikes

I think the reason why embroidery and motorcycles go well together, as is the case with skajans, is that they are decorative, with a subtle shine that shines through the movement of the person.
After all, if you wear simple clothes that are only functional, you will lose your presence when riding a beautiful and sparkling motorcycle, and like Vettel, you will not be able to look good in the picture.

Of course, if you have a mutual love for speed like he does, your style may be determined naturally by your aura. For ordinary people like me, it's better to wear something with a little more initialization to make us feel better, and to be more visible to others.

I think detailed embroidery is the perfect way to express your love of motorcycles and your desire to be intimate with speed.
The reason I wrote that I wanted something delicate and gorgeous within a hard and tough style is because I believe that women are the gods of speed.
Just look at Dancing with the Goddess, one of the few who have repeatedly won Monaco's most difficult race, and the current Monaco-born Ferrari driver. A macho man who blindly throws himself into thrills ends up being turned away by the goddess.

MOTO daily life

Rather than being a speed freak, having time on your side and honing that sense will help each person achieve results in their own races, and MOTO is not just a hobby, but provides motivation when facing work and life. I'm sure you'll give it to me.

I want clothes that make me feel MOTO even when I'm not riding a bike or when I'm away.

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