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Crosswing checkered embroidery coverall

Crosswing checkered embroidery coverall

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Coveralls with an attractive rustic atmosphere, featuring the brand's signature cross-checkered wing pattern. (®️) and a newly designed monochrome checkered flag pattern (®️).

What is a coverall jacket? With its roots as durable and functional workwear for workers working in harsh workplaces, It features a roomy silhouette and many pockets for ease of work.

It is also known by other names such as ``chore jacket'', ``railroad jacket'', and ``engineer jacket'' ( see page ).

Nowadays, intermediate clothing such as inner down and fleece has developed, not only for spring and autumn, but it is also an item that can be worn even in the middle of winter with a fluffy interior.
The length is just right for riding a bike, and you can wear it with a small collar and walk with your hands in your pockets for a flattering look.
I imagine it to be clothes that don't put too much effort into fashion, have a relaxed vibe, and would look good on people like Ken Takakura, Koichi Iwaki, and Hiromi.
Overseas, of course, Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix, Brad Pitt, and James Dean from "My Own Private Idaho" used their fingers to pick up clothes that were casually hung on hooks (not hangers) in their garages. It is an image of being worn over the shoulder.
There are also images of beatnik poets and hobos.
For wanderers who travel without much luggage, coverall clothing that can be used in a variety of situations is a must-have item.
Their journey smells of engine oil and gasoline.

Although it is hard to see in the product photo, Cross checker wing embroidery has finely shaped wings as shown below, giving it a three-dimensional look.

In addition, the white and gray (silver) threads used for the checkered embroidery on the left pocket shine subtly depending on the amount of light that hits them, and although this is casual wear that is used heavily on a daily basis, it stands out from mass-produced items. It enhances the sense of quality as a hand-painted, hand-crafted garment.

  • This product is delivered by on-demand production. All products are manufactured to order after receiving them, which results in less waste than traditional manufacturing methods.
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Made of durable, wrinkle-resistant twill fabric with a slight sheen. It has a highly functional design, including a chest pocket with a pen holder and cufflinks facing inward to prevent snagging.

Material: Polyester 65% / Cotton 35%
Length (cm) 71 74 77 80
Width (cm) 55 58 61 64
Shoulder width (cm) 46 49 52 55
Sleeve length (cm) 62 63 64 65

Product size (cm)

Please refer to the table above.

Regarding product handling

Turn embroidered items inside out when washing.

Regarding materials

Polyester 65%
35% cotton

Country of origin and country of shipment

All embroidery processes are done in Japan and shipped from Japan.

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