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2 tone wing embroidery BD shirt

2 tone wing embroidery BD shirt

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An Oxford button-down shirt that can be used for business occasions. It can be worn as both an inner and outer layer.

It's nice to have a wild Harley-like feel, but I also want to propose a style of riding a motorcycle with traditional items.
``My Private Idaho'' is not River Phoenix's style, but Keanu Reeves' style, with a button-down shirt under a leather biker jacket and a tie.

It's like taking off the first button, replacing the jacket and leather shoes with bikers and boots, and getting on the bike right away.
Or maybe it's the style of a well-bred private high school student.
I feel like I want to jump on my bike as quickly as possible and cut the breeze, rather than trying to look fancy with bike fashion .

I like my necktie to be slim, so this BD shirt with a bit of a small collar is perfect.

The after-school bike club members, after-five bikers, their eyes sparkling with speed, seem to have forgotten that someday, time will catch up with them (overtake them) and they will grow old and become old men with big bellies. .
Rather than living a picturesque wild life or rock'n'roll, they are smart enough to know how to live by adapting to their surroundings...

Although it is hard to see in the product photo, the two-tone wing embroidery has finely sculpted wings as shown below, giving it a three-dimensional look.

Even though it is a very standard, uniform-like shirt, it has a bit of playfulness and a high quality feel as a carefully crafted piece of clothing.

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An Oxford button-down shirt with just the right amount of firmness and a fabric that isn't too thick. Since it is made of cotton material, it is highly breathable and feels good against the skin.

Material: Cotton100%
Length (cm) 70 73 76 79
Width (cm) 51 54 57 60
Shoulder width (cm) 43 46 49 52
Sleeve length (cm) 61 62 63 64

Product size (cm)

Please refer to the table above.

Regarding product handling

Turn embroidered items inside out when washing.

Regarding materials

100% cotton

Country of origin and country of shipment

The base product is made in China, the embroidery process is done in Japan, and the product is shipped from Japan.

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