I'm curious about "Jomon Posa".

I think we all know the experience of ``receiving power from design'' as a daily sensation.

For example, the shape of a motorcycle may have been arrived at over a long period of time by cutting out unnecessary parts and adding in the necessary parts, but I don't think that's all there is to it.
You can feel the power that is characterized by something and speed that sometimes exhilarates and ecstasies the viewer.

If you expand the topic to include sports cars, this tendency becomes more apparent.
If the ultimate goal is speed and power under certain conditions, the designs will all look similar, like F1 cars, and only the sponsor logos will be able to tell them apart unless they are experts.

F1 cars, Aston Martin and Red Bull

Sports cars are required not to be fast enough to win in fierce competition, but to be faster than ordinary cars, but more than that, they need to be fast enough to express the power that can be felt by both the viewer and the driver.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
"Jomon is funky! Approaching the design of 5,000 years ago" BRUTUS

When I first saw Jomon designs, I was overwhelmed by how powerful they were.

The excessively curvaceous, erotic shape that seems to be connected to the root of life force feels more like an expression of some sort of power than a woman's body (ex: Taro Okamoto).
Or even like a prayer.

Many Jomon-style elements still remain today, enriching our lives. Japanese people have experienced the Jomon period for a long time, incomparable to any period since the Yayoi period. The concept of wealth may have been different from the Yayoi period onwards, when savings associated with farming created a gap between rich and poor.

If you think about meaning and function, things can be dismissed as unnecessary, but people cannot live a truly rich life with just rational needs or with just material wealth (Beatniks, including Kerouac) The masters of the Beatles repeatedly said this after the last war, on the eve of the Beatles.)

Sometimes things that are so excessive that they don't make any sense, things that are so strange that they're so weird, and things that border on the edge of being ugly can give us power. (It also overlaps with the concept of).
Power, as mystical as it sounds, comes from somewhere. All I can do is pray.
With that in mind, I proceeded with the planning of this outfit.

Animistic Cross Monochrome PT Sweat

I would be happy if you could feel some kind of power.

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