We have started our own unique reward (affiliate) program for product introductions.

Only customers who purchase our products can participate in our affiliate program.
This is a program unique to this site, so you can easily participate (as the number of participants is currently limited, so it may close early).

You can register using this link .

When posting a link to your own blog or SNS, for example,

If you would like to introduce this product,

Normally, a link to the top page is set like this, but
If you copy and paste the address of the product page above into the "Direction page URL" field,

In this way, an address is formed as a result of generation, so I think it would be more effective if you paste the link on your own page.

If you wear the item yourself and use the photo used to introduce the item in your product page review on this site, you will receive a coupon for 15% off your next purchase.
Also, when introducing items, you may use photos from this site.

Please feel free to use the banner below if you wish.

1+1 Shopping1+1 Shopping

1+1 Shopping1+1 Shopping

We hope to build closer and more positive relationships with our customers who support us passionately.