Winter, Motorcycles and Military Jackets

Riding a classic bike in cold weather makes me want to wear a tweed jacket .

For example, a warm knit and Harris tweed jacket would go great with a vintage bike (a 1960s Dunn & Co jacket I found in London).

Until the other day, I was able to ride comfortably with this, but in December, the wind was cold.

A military jacket is recommended .
The ease of movement and functionality are incomparable to general clothes, and the details are considered. Although it is not designed for men, it is a perfect fit for men who continue to carry out their missions such as working and traveling.

For example, this Austrian army paratrooper (for parachute unit) jacket,

Austrian paratrooper jacket

Although it is a one-piece jacket with no padding or lining lining, if you keep the inner warm, you will not feel cold even when riding a motorcycle (depending on your personal feeling).
This jacket has a good color, like a neutral color between olive and brown, and the windproof neck is perfect.

It's like wearing an inner down jacket inside a thick one-piece outer shell, such as the outdoor brand North Face. Because thick down restricts movement, I personally think it's a little (?) for motorcycles. However, until a while ago, Canada Goose down vests are also used for winter bikes.

We will also introduce military outerwear recommended for winter bikes.

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