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(From the representative) I often see advertisements that say, "Let's have influencers wear (use) your company's products."
The person who embodies the image and worldview of the brand is called an "ambassador", but in our shop, we think of it as the customer.
There are many wonderful people who come to the store, and I sometimes point the camera at them. I'm sure it's the same for customers on the internet who can't see their faces. As an ambassador, I would like you to show me where you are wearing it and the scene where you use it (I wrote it myself).

Compared to the work I get from celebrities and influencers, it's a small amount to say thank you, but I hope to continue a good relationship.
By all means, when you have time (if you prepare a photo and text, the post will be completed in about 1 or 2 minutes), I would be more than happy if you could surprise me with a free-thinking styling that is impossible at work. No joy. (Ah, within the bounds of public order and morals, please do not include non-constructive diss)
It probably goes without saying again, but if you don't save yourself based on standards that someone has decided on their own, such as being fat or thin, or being beautiful or ugly...
There is no specific period set for now. Learn more here .
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